The Dirac Foundation  People 

Chair and Chief Executive Officer. Professor Barry Robson, PhD DSc was for five years Chief Scientific Officer IBM Global Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Life Sciences, and for six years before that Strategic Advisor IBM Research, at the T. J. Watson Research Center, NY. He was also an IBM Distinguished Engineer, and won both internal and external awards for his promotion of Information Based Medicine and Clinical Genomics.

Company Secretary. From the outset, the Secretary of The Dirac Foundation has been Mr., James Hunt, a versatile business lawyer with a City of London corporate finance training, and founder of EverymanLegal, Witney, Oxfordshire 40209. Throughout, the foundation has been grateful for his enthusiasm and support.

Medical and Laboratory Information Management Systems, Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr Ulysses G. Balis, (M.D.), Professor, Department of Pathology, Director of the Division of Informatics and Director of the Informatics Fellowship, University of Michigan.

Healthcare Enterprise Architect and BigData Analytics, Scientific Advisory Board. Mr. Srinidhi Boray, B.E. Sr. Product Architect (HIE – ACO), and founder and C.E.O. of Ingine Inc.

Honorary Member.  Dr Jean Garnier  Order of Honors in Agronomy (Mérite Agricole), Officer ,  Order of Honors in Education (Palmes Académiques), Knight, and Laureate of the Ministry of Agriculture, USA, .is  Editor in chief, Biophysical Reviews, Springer, a journal sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics. As a previous Research Director at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), he is a widely respected expert in bioinformatics, protein science, and food animal matters. He continues on from a previous position on the Scientific Advisory Board in a more honorary long-term capacity.

Office Administration and Education Liaison. Dr. Adam J. Robson holds an educational Masters degree and a PhD in Psychology.  He is also Accreditation and Quality Mark Officer, Department of EducationBritish Dyslexia Association.  He serves several roles in the foundation, as office administrator and Internal Technology Officer and as research statistician, while also advising and liaising in matters of education and medical psychology.

Executive Assistant. Mrs. Margaret. E. Robson holds a diploma in education and manages the paperwork and travel in regard to foundation activities.

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